July 9, 2024

Court Interpreter Testing Update

Registration for the 2024 Summer/Fall administration of the Bilingual Interpreting Examination (BIE) is now closed.

Current Certified Language Candidates: If you are scheduled to test during the 2024 Summer/Fall administration, you can find test center location details on the Prometric California Bilingual Interpreting Examination web page.

Future Testing Opportunities for Certified Languages: Candidates interested in testing in all available languages for which there is a certification exam and raters will have the next opportunity when testing resumes in 2025. Please check this page regularly for the latest updates on the interpreter exam.

Reminders: The Written Examination in English (required for all languages) and Oral Proficiency Examinations for registered interpreter status are available year-round. To schedule an exam, please visit the Exams for Language Access Providers on the California Courts' Prometric homepage.

American Sign Language (ASL): To learn about ASL testing opportunities for the Texas BEI Court Interpreter Certification, please go here.