Translation Project Guide

This guide helps courts with planning and executing a translation project. This guide is organized into chronological steps that can be applied to any translation project, at any stage of the translation process, and includes a checklist, tips, and other resources.

Step 1: Planning a Translation Project

Planning a translation project, including defining the scope, setting a budget, and choosing a vendor

Step 2: Executing a Translation Project

Preparing documents for translation and considerations when reviewing, finalizing, and posting the completed translation

Step 3: Maintaining Translations

Tips for maintaining translations and ensuring timely revisions

Checklist and Resources

Below are some additional resources to assist you in your translation projects.

Determining Language Need
How to Work With Translation Vendors Under the Judicial Council’s Master Agreements

The Judicial Council has entered into master agreements with Avantpage and Prisma for translation services on behalf of judicial branch entities (JBEs), including courts.

Master Agreement for Translation Services - Avantpage
Master Agreement for Translation Services - Prisma

  1. Submit a Participating Addendum to the vendor: see Appendix E of the master agreement.
  2. Read the vendor’s user instructions: Avantpage or Prisma.
  3. Contact the vendor directly.
  4. Provide the form, material, or web content to the vendor for a quote.
  5. Complete a purchase order for service.

Rush translation services and inclusion of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility features are available at an additional cost. Audio translation for videos and modules is also available from the vendors. For more information, please visit the Procurement Services page, under Translation Services.

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Existing Translation Resources
Plain Language Resources