May 31, 2024

Advisory on Persons Impersonating Credentialed Interpreters

The Judicial Council’s Language Access Services (LAS) has received reports of individuals impersonating certified and registered court interpreters while working in the private sector (such as in depositions) by using the names and credential numbers of active and inactive certified or registered interpreters and falsifying Judicial Council interpreter identification badges. LAS has not received reports that this issue is occurring in the California courts.

To help address this concern, LAS recommends that attorneys and parties who are privately employing and/or contracting with certified and registered court interpreters:

  1. Check the Judicial Council’s Master List of Certified Court and Registered Interpreters to verify that the interpreter is an active, credentialed interpreter in good standing with the Judicial Council; and
  2. Compare the interpreter’s official photo identification (e.g., state issued driver’s license or identification, passport, etc.) with their Judicial Council–issued identification badge to verify the interpreter’s identity.

If you are an interpreter who believes that your identity has been compromised, or to report a potential impersonation, please contact the Court Interpreters Program, at